Antonios Chatzigeorgiou, Assoc. Professor

Research focus


Our research interests lie in mechanisms perturbing the homeostasis of metabolic organs during the development of obesity/diabetes-related complications and especially during non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and steatohepatitis. Specifically, we focus on the role of

i) Inflammation and immune-parenchymal cell interactions and
ii) Adaptations of parenchymal cells of metabolic organs (and mainly those of the liver e.g. hepatocytes, endothelial cells)
during nutrient/lipid overload and metabolic stress.


To do this, we use animal models of disease within the whole spectrum of obesity and NAFLD (hepatic steatosis/NASH/HCC etc.) and we study pathophysiological mechanisms by utilizing in vivo/ex vivo and in vitro tools (cell culture/co-culture systems, genetically modified mice, human samples) and by applying cutting-edge technologies of biomedical science (omics, CyTOF, spatial phenotyping etc) .



Group Leader

Post-doctoral Scientists

Polyxeni Nikolakopoulou (BSc, MSc, PhD )
Rallia-Iliana Velliou (MEng, MPhil, PhD)
Nikolaos I. Vlachogiannis (MD, PhD)

PhD Students

Ioannis I. Moustakas (BSc, MSc, MD)
Aigli-Ioanna Legaki (BSc, MSc)
Grigorios Papadopoulos (BSc, MSc)
Angeliki Katsarou (MD, MSc)
Gesthimani (Mania) Kakavouli (BSc, MSc )

MSc students

Katerina Avdi (BSc)
Eirini Giannousi (BSc)
Maria Tsimpidi (BSc)

Past Members

Stavros-Alexandros Doumas (MSc student, ‘Molecular Biomedicine’; rotation)
Renata Giagkou (MSc student, ‘Molecular and Applied Physiology’; MSc Thesis)
Ioannis Ntounias (MSc student, ‘Molecular Biomedicine’; rotation)
Michalina Sikorska (MSc student, ‘Molecular Biomedicine’; MSc Thesis)
Alkistis Papatheodoridi (PhD student )


Selected publications

A. MOST IMPORTANT ORIGINAL ARTICLES (with reverse chronological order)

1. Papadopoulos G, Legaki AI, Georgila K, Vorkas P, ………… Panayotou G, Gika H, Samiotaki M, Eliopoulos AG, Chatzigeorgiou A: Integrated omics analysis for characterization of the contribution of high fructose corn syrup to non-alcoholic fatty liver disease in obesity. Metabolism. 2023 Mar 28;144:155552.

2. Chung KJ, Legaki AI, Papadopoulos G, Gercken B, Gebler J, Schwabe RF, Chavakis T, Chatzigeorgiou A. Analysis of the Role of Stellate Cell VCAM-1 in NASH Models in Mice. Int J Mol Sci. 2023 Mar 2;24(5):4813. doi: 10.3390/ijms24054813.

3. Arida A., Legaki A-I, Kravvariti E, Protogerou A, Sfikakis PP, Chatzigeorgiou A: PCSK9/LDLR System and Rheumatoid Arthritis-Related Atherosclerosis Front Cardiovasc Med 2021 Oct 8;8:738764.

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5. Troullinaki M, Chen LS, Witt A, Pyrina I, Phieler J, Kourtzelis I, Chmelar J, Sprott D, Gercken B, Koutsilieris M, Chavakis T, Chatzigeorgiou A: Robo4-mediated pancreatic endothelial integrity decreases inflammation and islet destruction in autoimmune diabetes. FASEB J 2020;34:3336-3346.

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